ANNOUNCING; ECHO CART SERVICES NEW EVOLUTION ELECTRIC VEHICLE DEALERS!!! We are proud to offer brand new 2019 Evolution Electric Vehicles available in 2 seat, 4 seat, 6 seat and up to 18 seat passenger carts and vehicles. Offered with either a DC system or an AC system to help get you up those hills from the beach! STARTING AT $ 5995.00!!

* Upgraded 10" chrome wheels & tires

* Custom steering wheel

* On-board charger

* Trojan batteries

*  Luxury Seat

* Complete light kit

* Dual USB ports

* Seat belts

* Two year bumper to bumper warranty

Available with street legal LSV package


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We have an ever changing inventory of used and consignment carts for sale. We also specialize in Custom Builds. We work together with you to design the perfect golf cart for you. A few examples below...

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