Golf Cart Batteries and Chargers

Get A New Golf Cart Batteries Today Without Spending A Fortune

Echo Cart Services, Inc. carries a large selection of golf cart batteries for the larger Orange County Area. We also carry battery chargers, battery test equipment and battery accessories from the leading golf cart manufacturers. All new golf cart batteries we sell come with a full factory warranty.

Get a Core Credit For Your Old Battery Applied Towards Your New 6V, 8V or 12V Golf Cart Battery.

We provide 6 Volt, 8 Volt & 12 Volt AGM, lead acid and gel Golf Cart Batteries.

Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers We Carry:


Full River

We Carry Golf Cart Batteries For The Following Golf Cart Makes:

Club Car

Fair Play
GEM Global Electric Motorcars
Western Golf Car
Ford Think

Golf Cart Battery Delivery Plus Installation Available

What Voltage Are My Golf Cart Batteries?

6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt batteries are all used in various golf cart applications. The easiest way to tell what voltage your batteries are, is to count the caps or holes in the top of hte battery. In golf cart batteries, each cell is 2 volts, adn each cell has a cap or hole. 3 caps is a 6 volt, 4 caps is an 8 volt and 6 caps is a 12 volt.

Adding Water To Your Golf Cart Battery

Your golf cart batteries need water. Depending on use, the batteries should be checked at least once per month. Remove the caps from the top of hte battery. IF the cell needs water, fill the battery to just below the ring in the cell neck using distilled water. Only add water to a fully charged battery. If you fill before you charge, it may overflow.

We feature the Delta Q Chargers from Full River Battery available in 36V, 48V or 72V- on or off-board. Chargers available for all brands of cart, the Lester Summit Series II has a downloadable app to monitor battery charging progress.